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Hambleton House, Bainton
Stamford, Lincs.
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Examples Of Stove Installation Designs
Common design for fitting
stoves where sound brick
              chimneys exist using a     ►     
horizontal flue plate
with cleaning hatches
              Period inglenook
             fireplaces with a
◄               stainless steel        
             flexible liner fitted and
            connected to the stove
Alternative rear flue          
connection to stove       ►
           Simple stove installation
 ◄       into a modern traditional
           fireplace using a vertical
          closure plate
In modern houses where              
a round clay liner is built               
  in, a mild steel adaptor            ►
can be fitted to make                
the stove connection                
             Where no chimney exists
               insulated stainless steel
   ◄        flues can be fitted internally
             or fitted to the outside wall
Stamford multifuel stoves fabricate
and supply flue plates, adaptors and
accessories to all UK destinations