Stamford Multifuel Stoves
                   Flue Systems
Hambleton House, Bainton
Stamford, Lincs.
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Some Typical Stove Layouts
The Hunter Hawk 3 with               
flat top and brass knobs           ►
providing up to 3 kw   
        The Hunter 8 with low canopy
◄      in matt black with crossed
         doors. Wood or multifuel
8kw. output
The Yeoman Exmoor with         
curved glass front 5 kw.     ►
wood or multifuel    
        Yeoman High Canopy Devon
◄      in matt black 6-9 kw. output
       wood or multifuel
Euroheat Harmony 3              
in satin black               ►
16kw. output multifuel               
                   The Jotol F3 in ocean green
◄                  enamel 6-9 kw. output